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Buffalo Tours Los Alamos is now Atomic City Tours



Buffalo Tours is now { ATOMIC CITY TOURS, LLC }

Same award-winning authoritative tours and people.

We’ve just grown up...experience Los Alamos with Atomic City Tours today!

Tour the community spawned by the secret Manhattan Project during WW II, and peek at today's Los Alamos National Laboratory on the popular tour developed by a native Los Alamos guide. Our comfortable van tours are rich in history, archaeology, geology, and scenery. New Mexico is our home.

  • Tour the Atomic City

On our 1-1/2 hour tour, get to know Los Alamos, where discoveries are made! Hear the story of the volcanic Jemez Mountains and Pajarito Plateau; from the ancient inhabitants to the world-renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory. See where World War II scientists lived, worked, and played during the top secret Manhattan Project. Discover our recreational and cultural treasures. Cost: $25/person.

  • Schedule Information

Van tours are arranged by request and typically depart at 1:30 from the Bradbury Science Museum (corner of 15th & Central in Los Alamos).

CALL 505-662-2547 for updated schedule confirmation.

Pick-up by prior arrangement at Los Alamos/White Rock hotels, B&Bs, or residences, with no extra charge. Tours are gladly arranged by request, with a minimum of two fares.

Self-guided Tour

Try a 20-minute bus ride through Los Alamos, past and present, in a self-guided tour aboard the Atomic City Transit Bus System.Try a 20-minute bus ride through Los Alamos, past and present, in a self-guided tour aboard the Atomic City Transit Bus System.

The free printed guide can be downloaded here!


For adventurers wishing to go it alone, Buffalo Tours recommends the CD-Rom book, The Traveller's Guide to Nuclear Weapons:  A Journey Through America's Cold War Battlefields, by James. M. Maroncelli and Timothy L. Karpin,

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